Adventures On Two Wheels.. With Tom, Lorna and Charlie The Bear..



Motorbikes, Charlie The Bear and Overland Travel- Our Passion

Tom and Lorna Broadway share a desire for overland travel and a passion for anything with two wheels. Since reading Ted Simon’s Jupiter’s Travels, and then getting hooked to Long Way Round in 2004, Tom has always had adventuring on a motorbike at the top of his list.  For Lorna, her passion and motivation to see the world makes adventure motorcycling the perfect remedy for a desire to explore.  Adventure motorcycling is a something that many people dream of, and for Tom and Lorna it was an idea first borne over a glass of wine, on a rainy night sat at home in the UK. Tom and Lorna hope to show that these dreams can be achieved. From just an idea, to travelling thousands of miles across beautifully diverse countries  and cultures, and all on a motorbike. Is it simple?  Maybe not, but it is entirely possible!

Charlie will always be the original adventure bear.  He has travelled the world on the back of the motorbike and has helped to educate school children on the wonders of travel.  He has climbed volcanoes, swam with sharks and even jumped out of a plane.

Whether you are a serial traveller or a motorcycle nut, we hope that you find some interesting bits on our site that may help or inspire you with your own adventure planning, and remember- you do not need to be Ewan Mcgregor to go on a motorcycle trip!

Enjoy your Travels and Ride Safe.