About us..


Lorna and I are both passionate about travel, adventure and living life in the fullest, happiest way possible creating incredible memories along the way.  A chance meeting in a Worcester bar and now look where we are!!

We have alread2015-05-30 09.52.32y experienced so much together and we plan to do so much more.  In July 2016 we shall embark onto the Pan-American Highway in Alaska and continue due South until we reach Tierra Del Fuego in Southern Argentina- A journey of 20,000 miles!

Our mode of transport for the adventure will of course be Terry, our BMW 1200GS Adventure.

The initial purpose of the website was for Monique and Max to be able to follow our travels but we hope that anyone who visits here, enjoys the blog of our adventures and that you too enjoy some great adventures of your own!


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