Arizona State

It’s time for Charlie to say goodbye to America! But before he goes to the next country on his list he needs to tick off a visit to a World Famous Landmark, have you guessed what it is yet?


To reach this Landmark Charlie takes a famous road called Route 66. This road was one of the original highways in the USA. It runs from LA, all the way across America to Chicago. Each year tourists flock to complete this journey to get a taste of the ‘Real America’! The road is 2,451 miles long and runs through many towns, cities, farmland and deserts. Charlie only has time to travel down part of this road as we need to head south to a new country in a few days time. Lots of American diners, motels and other attractions have been added to this road since it was first built in 1926. The World Famous Landmark on this route is called…. The Grand Canyon!


The Grand Canyon is a huge Canyon layered with bands of red, orange, golden and pink rock. Charlie enjoyed watching the rocks appear to change colour as the sunset behind the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is rightly given this name because it is about 227 miles long and 18 miles wide. A river called the Colorado formed the Canyon. This river has slowly eroded the rock to form this huge canyon, a process that has taken millions of years. The Colorado River still flows through the base of this canyon and many animals have made this their home.


Charlie and Mrs. Broadway took to the skies to get a birds eye view of the Canyon. The view from above really showed off its size and its vibrant colours. The plane took us high above the Canyon (15,000ft), and we enjoyed peaceful views. Until, the plane door opened and it was time to jump! Mrs. Broadway had signed Charlie up for a skydive and hadn’t told him until this point. Together, with an instructor, they jumped out of the plane door and tumbled through the sky! Soon enough, it was the time to open the parachute so we could all have a safe landing. Charlie and Mrs. Broadway really enjoyed this experience and all the other adventures they have had in America.

Below is a video sharing some of Charlie’s Highlights of his time in the USA.