Charlie The Bear



Meet Charlie.  Charlie is an Adventure Bear that has travelled the world with Tom and Lorna, on the back of their trusty motorbike.  Charlie has met many new friends on his trip and written all about his adventures in his very own fact files which can be found here

Charlie will soon be starring in his very own series of children’s stories where he will tell tales of his adventures on the road and of the friends that he met along the way.  In the meantime, enjoy taking a look at Charlie’s very own photo gallery


Charlie the Adventure Bear & John Bendall-Brunello

John was an obvious choice to bring Charlie to life.  His experience and passion paired with his wonderful style has enabled the concept for a series of picture books become a reality.  Children will follow Charlie the Adventure Bear as he travels on his magical motorbike in faraway countries.  He will meet animal friends along the way and create lasting memories for parents and children that will read about his tales.