The Bike


Meet Terry- Our 2008 BMW 1200GSA.  On a personal note, this was the only bike for me. After reading and watching the Long Way Round in 2004 the desire for a similar trip was born.  Like so many others I was impressed with the ability of the GS and decided that if I was to make a trip, I would want it to be on this bike.

So, with this in mind, Terry was purchased in March 2015 with circa 20,000 miles on the clock from one previous owner. I searched for the non ABS, ESA and traction control model as I wanted to keep it basic.

Modifications to Terry Pre-trip:

Ian at Church Stretton Motorcycle is a genius with anything with two wheels and a Bavarian Motor Works badge.  Ian has cared for Terry and been crucial in ensuring that the bike is overland ready for the trip.


Ian’s Modifications Include:

  • New Clutch
  • Heavy Duty Battery
  • TK60 Scout Front and Rear Tyres
  • Heated clothing sockets for Lorna
  • 2 x 12v power supplies

And that is it! No real expense other than the clutch which I am very pleased with.  Ian is a true gent and I would recommend him to anyone that has a motorbike- especially if it is a BMW.

Thank you Ian!


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