Charlie is now in the state of Oregon!

Charlie has left Washington State and headed South into the State of Oregon. That is Charlie’s 3rd State out of 50!

Oregon has lots to see and do as well as some outstanding natural beauty. He has visited Lakes, Caves, Sand Dunes and Beaches.

How did the Volcano become a lake?

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and the ninth deepest in the world. If Charlie dove into Oregon’s bright blue lake, he’d have to swim 1,943 feet to reach the bottom. But it wasn’t always a lake. It is on the site of a once, massive volcano known as Mt. Mazama. Scientists say Mt. Mazama started forming half a million years ago, as lava pushed upward and flowed out of its vents. But around 7,700 years ago, Mt. Mazama blew. And it blew big!

Hot gas and volcanic material spewed high in the air and dropped to earth as ash. Miles of magma poured out from the volcano, and when it was done, there wasn’t much left inside the volcano to hold it up anymore. So the volcano collapsed and a crater was left.

Over many years, this crater has been filled with rain and snow to create the bright blue Lake. Its water is one of the clearest in the world, because no streams or rivers bring in pollutants. There is very little chance of the Volcano erupting again, so Charlie was able to sit back and enjoy the view.



Oregon’s Huge Sand Dunes

Along the Oregon coast Charlie Visited some large Sand dunes. Sand Dunes are a hill of sand pilled up by the wind and they are formed where there is a lot of sand and wind.

It has become popular to race up and down these dunes in sand dune buggies, but riders have to be careful because the wind keeps changing the shape of these sand hills, so riders never know how steep the drop is to the next dune! Charlie enjoyed his time racing in a dune buggy and it only rolled once, when Mrs Broadway was behind the wheel!


Charlie also ate fresh crab from the Oregon coast; huge pancake breakfasts and enjoyed a slice of American home baked apple pie too. Next up is sunny California where he will visit Hollywood and maybe meet some stars!