Nevada State


Charlie is enjoying feeling the wind through his fur as we hit the road for his first time in an American convertible car. The first stop was the famous party city of Las Vegas!


Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famous for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, restaurants and bars that are all open 24 hours a day. Charlie stayed on the strip, this is the main street and it is just over 4 miles long. This street is home to themed hotels, elaborate displays, such as fountains synchronized to music and replicas of the famous landmarks such as, The Egyptian pyramids, The Eiffel tower, The Venetian Grand Canal and The Empire State building. Charlie was treated to a 1-night stay in the Bellagio. This famous hotel is in the middle of the strip and features in the Film Oceans Eleven. Every night, thousands of people gather to watch its famous fountain displays performed to music every 15 minutes. 


Charlie was also treated to an unforgettable show called ‘Cirque du Soleil’. The performance had talented performers doing acrobatics in the air and in the water. During the act the stage turned into a swimming pool and a pirates ship was suspended from the ceiling, to make it look like it was flying through the air!


After some party time in Vegas it was time to hit the road towards Charlie’s final destination in the USA. On route Charlie noticed lots of signs about a Water droughts in Nevada. Signs read “Farmers need water to grow your food”, “Build Reservoir’s” and “Support your farmers!”. The USA has declared that Nevada is in a Natural disaster of drought because each year there is not enough rain. Therefore, rain is not filling the reservoirs quick enough to provide enough water to the farmers to grow their fruit and vegetables.


There is however one very famous Dam in Nevada, this blocks water flowing from the Colorado River and it is called the Hoover Dam. The Dam stems the flow from the river and stores the water in a Reservoir, just like the Elan Valley in mid-wales, which supplies water to the Midlands.   When the Hoover Dam was constructed in 1953, it was the worlds largest Dam. The Reservoir connected to it is called Lake Mead and it is still the largest Reservoir in the world!

Charlie’s final destination is to one of the World’s most famous Natural Wonders… Can you guess what it is?