After a 10 hour flight, Charlie and I have arrived safely in Anchorage, Alaska with Mr Broadway and our motorbike. Unfortunately, we have arrived to a lot of rain! In fact it has rained continually for 48 hours, lets hope the sun comes out soon.

Alaska is the beginning of our adventure and it is part of the United States. The United States is made up of 50 states and Alaska is known as the 49th state or the ‘Last Frontier’, it is also the biggest of all the states. Not too many people live here and towns and villages are very far apart from each other. The Arctic Circle passes through Alaska. It is an imaginary line around the world. Above it the days in the summer are very long and in the most northern towns the sun doesn’t set for 84 days of the year. Imagine having no night time! 


In Alaska there is plenty of woodland and mountains. Today we went for a walk into the woods and we came across a fast flowing river. In the river we could see large salmon swimming against the current trying to make their way back upstream to where they were born. This is called the salmon run  and it is the time when salmon leave the ocean to swim to the upper reaches of rivers to lay their fish eggs (spawning). Luckily, there where no bears around stopping them from completing this journey. 


During our stay in Anchorage, Charlie made a new friend. Meet Arnold the Alaskan Moose who will be joining Charlie on our trip. Hopefully he will help us spot some real moose and bears!


After leaving Anchorage, we headed to a small hamlet called Tok. This consisted of about 6 buildings and a campsite. Charlie enjoyed relaxing by the campfire and a night in his new home for the next few months, our tent. During our stay in Tok, Charlie took part in a pancake tossing contest, were you had to toss a pancake into a bucket, luckily we won the content and earned a free breakfast of pancakes and bacon!



With our bellies full, we headed out of Tok towards Canada on a road called Top of the world highway. This took us through a place called chicken, a settlement that had more chickens living there than people.


As we reached the border we went through a tiny place that only had 3 people living there! Imagine that! Canada greeted us with this stunning view…