Costa Rica


Hello from Costa Rica, (Spanish for ‘rich coast’) a land of lush rainforests, giant sea turtles, tropical birds, and rugged mountain chains. With 800 miles of coastline on both sides of the country, Costa Rica lives up to its name.

Charlie visited some National Parks in the Rainforest during his time in Costa Rica. He found a beautiful blue waterfall in the middle of a Rainforest whilst he was hiking.


He also stumbled across some bubbling hot springs. A hot spring is a pool of warm water that is heated from underground. They are usually found near volcanoes.


However, he didn’t spend too long bathing in the warm waters, as he had seen lots of reptiles on his walk to the springs, including lizards and snakes. He also spotted some hummingbirds. These birds are so tiny, that they can easily be missed. The smallest kind of hummingbird only grows up to 5cm. They get their name from the sound they make as the quickly flap their wings. They like to eat insects and dink nectar from flowers.

Costs Rica is also famous for farming, they are particularly well known for growing coffee, sugar and bananas. Next time you go to the shops, see if you can spot any food that has been exported from Costa Rica.


Charlie spent some time with a Costa Rican family and during this time he learnt about typical family life. Costa Ricans believe that life is about having fun, and enjoy spending as much time as possible with their family. In fact, children will stay living with their parents until they get married. Charlie also learned that school is very important in this country. Costa Rica was one of the first countries in Central and South America to make it the law, that all children must attend school. Children start school at age six and finish at the age of 15. If they wish they can then enter college and university.

Charlie has nearly finished his time in Central America. He has just one more country to visit and then he will move onto South America.