Charlie travelled into Guatemala from Belize very excited to visit Tikal in the North of the country. Tikal is a very old and magnificent city that was built and inhabited by the Mayans many many years ago.  The Mayans no longer live there but the huge ruins of their ancient city remain. Over thousands of years the jungle has grown around the ruins, covering them up until only a few years ago. Charlie hiked through the jungle and climbed tower iv, one of the highest towers at Tikal. Whilst he was in the jungle he was introduced to a new animal that he had not seen before called a Coatimundi, it looks a bit like a monkey but with a long nose.  There were also Howler monkeys swinging through the trees making a lot of noise. So much so that Charlie thought it was a dinosaur and not a monkey making such a loud noise!


As well as large animals in the jungle such as Jaguars and monkeys, there are also millions of tiny insects that live throughout the jungle. Charlie was bitten by some of these insects and had to rub cream onto the bites to make them better.

Guatemala is also famous for coffee and now, chocolate too. Mrs Broadway and Charlie visited a chocolate museum that had hundreds of different types of chocolate treats from chocolate tea to chocolate sausages! The museum was is a very beautiful city called Antigua. This city was once occupied by the Spanish and was their capital city from where they ruled Guatemala. Now Guatemala is an independent country and the colourful town is full of tourists. Charlie loved exploring with his camera and took lots of amazing photographs.


When Charlie was in a cafe with Mr Broadway he met the owner who was a very interesting man. He explained how coffee is produced and how important it is for the farmers and their children to be looked after so that they can continue to make coffee. This is called Fairtrade coffee and also Fairtrade chocolate. Next time you are in the supermarket see of you can spot anything with Fairtrade written on it.

Guatemala welcomes lots of backpackers and travellers and Charlie got to meet a few of them as he travelled through. Whilst Charlie is on his motorbike with Mr and Mrs Broadway, most travellers travel on amazingly colourful buses called chicken buses. These buses are old school buses from America and are then decorated by the new owners. Some are spectacular!



Charlie loved his stay in Guatemala and would love to go back again.