2016 is Approaching..

Until now, our departure has been a point in the future, a spec on the horizon that has almost been so far away that it has not been taken too seriously.

In the last week that has all changed.  It began with a highly anticipated trip to Stanfords in London.  For those in the know (thanks Jim), this is the place to go if you are a map geek- and I am.

After purchasing our ‘planning’ maps which consist of Western C

‘Like a kid in a sweetshop!’

anada, Western USA, Mexico and Central America, South America (North) and South America (South), we have enjoyed ‘highlighting’ points of interest and creating a giant dot-to-dot.  Each map has a slightly different scale but offers us or first opportunity to spread them out on the carpet and really begin to get a sense of scale of the enormity of our trip.

Following this was a trip to the bike show to purchase some of our remaining kit and clothing.  Whilst wandering the halls of the gigantic NEC we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Spencer Conway who has recently completed his own adventure with African Motorcycle Diaries. Spencer has fueled my ambition to continue our trip from Buenos Aires to Capetown in the Spring of 2017 but we will have to wait and see.

Finally, our week was complete after a dinner date in our local town of Bridgnorth.  Jim and and Jenny Mitchell have become our very own Pan-American ‘go-to guys’!  After completing a very similar route, on a very similar bike, we both hope to have a very similar experience of the Pan-Am!  Both Jim and Jenny kept a blog of their very own adventure and it was in reading it that I found priceless gems of information, for us to take onto the highway- thanks guys! I strongly recommend you take a look! www.motonoodles.com/

So after a busy couple of weeks, we have not only mastered folding rather large maps, but we have also felt a palpable change of perception. The departure day is no longer a spec on the horizon but something well and truly in our sites..

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